Project Deliverables: Web portal design, print brochures, direct mailers, trade show displays, and email designs 

My Role: Graphic and UI design

Project Overview

Vabysmo (faricimab-svoa) is the only FDA-approved treatment designed to block 2 causes of vision loss – wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), and Diabetic Macular Edema (DME). It is an prescription medicine given by injection into the eye.  Owned by Roche, Vabysmo is now approved in the European Union and nine other countries around the world, including the US, Japan, and the UK, for people living with "wet" age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema.

Vabysmo had recently extended their clinical trial data, so all of their branding materials were in need of an update. This included recreating a wide variety of detailed charts, tables and graphs that are used across emails, patient brochures, trade show displays, and direct mailers to healthcare providers.

The Design

With the extended clinical trial data, the layouts and charts/graphs of all of Vabysmo's materials needed updating. We were able to take the opportunity to clean up a lot of working files (InDesign & Figma), and ensure all fonts and branding were fully up to date. This allowed us to standardize typographic styles across both print and digital projects. We leveraged Vabysmo's brand guidelines to maintain consistency across each series of documents.

Vabysmo Print Materials

The results of Vabysmo's extended clinical trials are divided across different categories, such as Anatomy, Study Design, Efficacy, Dosing, etc. Each category includes a leave-behind printed document, a direct mailer, a fax, and two email layouts. Each category includes different data, so a variety of graphs, tables and charts were created for each. All documents had to adhere to branding guidelines, but also have visual indicators as to what category is represented. 

Here are examples showing the categories of documents, starting with leave behinds (left), direct mailers (centre) and faxes on the right:

Vabysmo Digital Designs

Responsive Data Visualization

Each of the new chart designs that we created for the printed brochures needed to be fully responsive across Vabysmo's website, whether you are viewing it on a desktop computer, or a mobile device. Here examples of chart designs showing how the hierarchy of information will automatically adjust depending on the device you are using:

Bilingual Designs

All materials for Vabysmo were designed in both French and English. Here are examples of the English email designs (top row), with the French layouts below:

Vabysmo Web Portal Refresh

The Vabysmo web portal also required updates. We took the opportunity to clean up outdated fonts and design elements, and ensure that every page was adhering to Vabysmo's brand guidelines.

Trade Show Displays

In addition to updating all of Vabysmo's print and digital materials, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to redesign three different trade show displays. These ranged from pull-up display banners, to a medium-sized booth, as well as a large-scale booth with voile panels, kiosks, and multi-panel graphics.