Project Deliverables: Print ads, email newsletter design, and digital ads

My Role: Graphic and UI design

Project Overview

Decorium is a furniture store in Toronto, Canada, and was opened in 1986. One of their main goals is to help customers achieve the beautiful homes they desire, improving their quality of life. With a showroom and warehouse of over 10,000 square feet, they have been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 37 years.

Decorium sends out weekly emails, as well as places ads in a number of different Toronto print publications. These ads and emails were on tight timeframes so we needed to build nimble and easy-to-update designs whenever products needed to be quickly swapped out last minute.

The Design

Using Decorium's existing brand look and feel, we leveraged a comprehensive email newsletter template in Figma to build out an easy-to-edit layout. We can quickly swap out product images and adjust the layouts on the fly. The design is clean and elegant, picking up colors from the product photography featured each week. 

Online Ads

Print Ads

Here are some examples of print advertisements for Decorium. These have been published in Living Luxe magazine and the Toronto Star newspaper.

Decorium print ad design by Jenn Borton