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Easy Mexican Cookbook

Project overview 

I love cooking, and I love Mexican food. I have spent years collecting various recipes and ingredients. I eventually decided to create a cookbook to gift to family and friends. 

The goal

Overall, the goal of the cookbook is to provide a collection of easy and delicious Mexican recipes, that can be enjoyed by cooks of all skill levels.


The design

The Easy Mexican cookbook has a vibrant and colorful design, featuring beautiful photos of the finished dishes and ingredients. The cover is eye-catching and inviting, using a minimal scheme to showcase the striking image of delicious Mexican tacos being assembled.

The interior of the cookbook is organized into chapters by type of dish, with each chapter featuring a variety of easy and delicious recipes. The recipes are written in a clear and concise manner, with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips. The book also includes a section with information on Mexican ingredients and techniques, to help readers get started with Mexican cooking.

The design of the cookbook is modern and clean, with plenty of white space and well-organized layouts. The font is friendly and easy to read, and the photos will be high-quality and professionally shot.

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