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Barkman Skatepark Catalog

Project overview 

Barkman Concrete has been producing pavers, slabs, walls, steps, firepits & more for Canadian backyards and businesses for over 75 years. They also produce precast concrete skatepark components. They wanted something fun, eye-catching, and unique for their product catalog compared to their standard branding for their other concrete products.


The goal

Overall, the goal of the brochure design is to provide a comprehensive and visually appealing catalog of the company's concrete skatepark designs, and to help potential clients make informed decisions about their skatepark project.


The design

The brochure has a bold and quirky design, with a high-contrast color scheme that reflects the urban and edgy nature of skateboarding. We have featured beautiful photography incorporating a diverse group of skaters and rollerbladers (not just the typical teenage 'skater boy' cliché). 

The interior showcases the company's wide range of concrete skatepark designs, with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions of each one. The brochure includes a section with information about the company's design process, and a list of the materials and features included in each skatepark.

The design was inspired by 1980's skate culture, with bold graffiti design elements paired with clean and modern sans-serif body copy. The juxtaposition of tagging, grunge, and doodles creates visual interest and draws attention to the photography. The layout also plays with unusual angles and curves, to echo the wide variety of skate park component shapes that Barkman offers.

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