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Origami: Visual History

Project overview 

One of the first design projects I completed while attending the Red River College of Art & Design was a book layout. We were allowed to choose any subject! Origami is something that has always fascinated me and in my spare time I was constantly folding paper cranes, purses, and a variety of shapes and animals. I decided it was time to update my book project, and give it a more contemporary facelift.

The goal

Overall, the goal of the book is to provide a comprehensive and engaging overview of the history of origami, and to showcase the beauty and complexity of this ancient art form.


The design

The book is a beautifully designed coffee table book, featuring stunning images of intricate origami creations. The cover is eye-catching and memorable, using a minimal color scheme and a striking image of a geometric origami creation paired with a minimalist typeface.

The interior of the book is laid out in a clear and easy-to-follow manner, with each chapter covering a different period in the history of origami. The text is accompanied by a rich collection of photographs, illustrations, and diagrams, to provide a visual representation of the various folding techniques and designs.

The design of the book is elegant, sleek, and contemporary, with a focus on simplicity and readability. The font and layout were carefully chosen to create a harmonious and immersive reading experience, while showcasing the gorgeous folded paper creations. 

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