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Bloom Soap Co. Website

Project overview 

Bloom Soap Co. is a small local business that makes natural, organic handmade soaps, cleaning products, and cosmetics.

The problem

Bloom Soap Co. needed a simple, easy to navigate e-commerce website to fit their growing business. However, they didn't want to look stuffy or old fashioned, but also didn't want to appear overly trendy as they plan on using the website for the next several years. They were also keen to avoid any association with commercial grade cleaning products, or 'fuddy duddy' scents such as potpourri.

The goal

Overall, the goal of the website is to provide a professional and engaging online presence for the handmade soap company, and to help generate sales and grow the business.

The design

The Bloom Soap Co. website is fresh without being too trendy. The layout is clean and fresh, and incorporates botanical themes without being too literal. The main header graphics on the landing page can be easily swapped out, as can the product photos on content pages. This will help extend the life of the site and 'freshen it up' periodically. 

The website features a clean and modern design that showcases the handmade soaps in a visually appealing way. The main page features a carousel of images highlighting the different types of soaps available, as well as a brief introduction to the company and its values.


The menu includes pages where visitors can browse and purchase the soaps by product type (“soaps, home cleaning” and “body care”), an "About Us” page with information about the company and its soap making process, and a "Blog" section with articles related to natural and organic skincare and cleaning products. The "Shop" page has clear product descriptions and high-quality minimalistic product photos, as well as a user-friendly filtering and sorting system to help visitors find the right soap for their needs. 


The website is responsive (mobile-friendly) and optimized for search engines, to make it easy for potential customers to find and interact with the brand online. It will also integrate with the company's social media accounts and email marketing platform, to allow for easy sharing and communication with customers.

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